Kidoozie Flash Beat Drums

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Product Description

Make A Toddler Happy With The Kidoozie Flash Beat Drum

Get a toddler ready for his or her future in music with the Kidoozie flash beat drum. This is the perfect first drum for any young child. It is fun, engaging and helps a toddler develop coordination skills.

Kidoozie is a maker of safe, educational toys for toddlers and young children. Buying one of its products is a guarantee a child will be able to have lots of fun for hours. Parents will appreciate this as well as the fact that the products are made to help their children grow and develop in a safe manner.

Kidoozie has even won awards for the products it makes. All of them, including the flash beat drum, are designed to help children build better coordination as well as develop problem-solving skills. With the flash beat drum, children can develop an appreciation for sounds, music and creativity.

The drum is a single piece shaped something like a real-life bongo drum. It is colorful and has lights, sounds, music and movement. There are three settings that can be used with its battery operation. The drum needs 3 AA batteries to work, but all are included with the purchase of the drum from Kidoozie.

Choose a setting to make a toddler laugh. Just put the drum to the funny sound setting and let the giggles go. Set the drum to background music mode and watch the tiniest drummer around perform a drum solo that would impress a big rock star.

Set the drum to play drum sounds for a more serious session. The toddler can drum along making the connection between what his or hands are doing and the sound that emits from the toy. The flash beat drum can even be set to roll on the floor and play music.

The music plays fast when the drum rolls quickly and it slows down as the drum comes to a halt. Use this setting for a toddler learning to stand and walk.

For a more random experience to delight and surprise the child, put the drum on auto play. Turning the drum on and off is simple with a flick of a button. Volume can be adjusted using the volume control, so the drum can make as little or as much music as is desired.

Parents love the toy almost as much as the toddlers do because of the endless fun that comes from choosing any setting desired. Children can play with the drum while sitting down, standing or just crawling around on the floor. It is the type of toy that will last because of its durable construction and because of its versatility to engage toddlers of any stage of growth.

Shop for the Kidoozie flash beat drum online for great offers. Be sure to shop quickly as the drum is so popular it is often sold out at many online toy sellers. If the drum is purchased for a gift, look for it at local toy retailers.

Product Features


  • Choose from 10 different songs or make up your own.
  • Features multi-colored lights and sounds
  • 3 rhythm buttons, 3 sound effects, volume control & on/off switch
  • Requires 3 “AA” batteries, included
  • For children 18 months and up.

Details: Allow your little drummer to explore colors and sounds with the Flash Beat Drum! Choose from 10 different songs or make up your own. Features multi-colored lights and sounds, 3 rhythm buttons, 3 sound effects, volume control and on/off switch. Requires 3 “AA” batteries (included).

Package Dimensions: 10.4 x 5.3 x 5.3 inches

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