Kidoozie Lightshow Mic

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Product Description

The Kidoozie Lightshow Mic Is A Fun Toy For Your Young Ones!

It is good to get some information on the Kidoozie Lightshow Mic because then you can get to know if it's a good idea to buy. Since there are many different features for each toy this company offers, you'll want to learn about this particular one. They make great toys overall, so here are more things to consider before making a buying decision.

One thing about this toy is that you have to make certain you are not giving it to a child that is too young. 18 months and up is the range this toy is fit for, and so you want to stick with that just to be safe. Since this can be powered by batteries, you want to make sure it's put together and not something that the kids can get into before they play with it.

The buttons can be hard for very small kids to push so they can amplify their voices. It's good to teach them what each button does because some make music and the one in the shape of a note does the voice amplification. It is a good idea for you to think about getting this if you are able to deal with the noise it is capable of making. It has jazz sounds and rock, so you will not have too much of a problem with the generic music if your child is having a good time!

This toy does take batteries, but it does come with 3 AAA batteries if you get it from most sellers who order it from the manufacturer. If you will be dealing with a third party that doesn't indicate if it comes with them, you may want to ask, or just get some spares. Your child may end up playing with this toy quite a bit, and if that's the case you will want to make sure that you buy extras. They also have rechargeable options that you can work with if you'd like, so whatever helps you to save is ideal.

Have an idea of what the reviews say by looking at them yourself. However, keep in mind that over time products may change. You'll want to have an idea of what people have said in recent months at least to get the best idea of what is offered when it comes to the toys. By getting to know what people think that are letting their kids play with this, you can be happy with your purchase more. If you find that a product isn't safe or it isn't put together well, you can always try something else.

When you use this information to help you decide if the Kidoozie Lightshow Mic is right for you, it's easy to come out with a product you really enjoy. Now you can be happy with how your kids have a great time with it. You can also check out other toys from this brand!

Product Features


  • Fun and educational
  • Performance and quality tested
  • Great fun for children of all ages
  • 2 music genres to choose from: rock, classic or jazz
  • Includes 3 AAA batteries
  • Ages 18 months and up

Details: Product Description Since its inception in 1967, International Playthings, LLC has excelled in the delivery of innovative and entertaining products with integrity, superior play value and child developmental qualities to consumers. Over the course of its 40-year existence, IP LLC has grown to become one of the largest and most respected suppliers of quality products to the North American specialty industry. From the Manufacturer Kidoozie toys for toddlers and preschoolers are engaging and educational. Lightshow Mic makes you the star. Press music button and choose a rock, classic or jazz song to sing along with. Includes a multi-color light show too.

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